The Linwood Order Process
September 15, 2020
We’ve broken our process down from start to finish and there are 6 simple steps to creating your Linwood Home:

  • Consultation
  • Choosing a Design
  • Purchase the Package
  • Permits and Plans
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping, and Delivery 

Let’s explore what to expect at each stage in the process so you have a clear idea of what is needed and when. 

Keep in mind, our timelines are flexible, and the process can vary for everyone.

1. Project Consultation   

Tell us more about what you are looking to build. In the initial consultation, come equipped with questions for our team, your timeline, budget as well as designs that you are interested in.  

Many clients bring hand-drawn floor plans and examples of what they want their house to include. This helps our team, especially if you are looking to add unique features to your home.  All of our home designs are completely customizable. You can choose from a stock plan, modify a plan to meet your needs, or create a home that is unique to you.

Our design consultants will work with you to answer any questions. At the end of your meeting, you should leave feeling confident about your project and the next steps ahead. The consultation is complimentary and meant to get a better understanding of your goals.    

2. Finalize Design and Pricing

After your initial consultation, our team will get to work on creating an initial rendering of your proposed home design 

Throughout this process, you will work with our drafting team in order to modify your design to fit your dream, budget, and your site. You will also select the custom colours and materials for your home.  

If you are working with a bank and looking to organize a construction loan, now is the time to get that process started. Our team can send preliminary plans at this stage, with a quote to help you get approved for financing.  

Likewise, if you are still in the process of purchasing a lot during this time, we can provide a package price estimate to help you make a choice that fits with your budget.  

This is the stage where we work with you to bring your initial dream home plans to life.

As far as planning your budget goes, this stage may or may not require an initial deposit, depending on the design you choose. A standard or lightly modified plan without modifications is free of charge while a modified plan requires a $1500 deposit and a custom plan would start at $2500. This is because our drafting team will be working hard to get your custom project looking just the way you want it. Your deposit will be credited towards your final package price.  

3. Purchase Design and Material Package 

Once you are happy with your design it is time for preliminary concept designs. You can still review and make changes to the design at this stage.   

Your design consultant will explain our detailed price protection policy and they will help to arrange a builder for your project.

During this time you can also start on-site development such as site clearance and septic if required in order to get your property ready for foundations. This stage of the project requires an order deposit fee which is 10% of the package price.

4. Prepare Permit Ready Plans 

At this final stage of the design process, you will have the complete, permit-ready construction plans ready for approval by a local engineer.

After approval, you can start pouring foundations. This process can vary in timing, depending on your location.

Our team has a good idea of permit timing in both Canada and the US, and we can discuss your project timeline in our initial consultation to factor in the permitting period. At this stage, you increase your deposit to 20% of the total package price.

5. Order and Manufacture Custom Materials 

Once your permits are approved, we move into manufacturing right away. All of the materials to build your home are pre-cut during this stage.

Specialty items that are not manufactured in our plant are ordered at this time to ensure the house kit is ready to ship when you need it.

You can arrange a timeline for package delivery with your design consultant, and you will increase your deposit to 40% of the package price at this time.

6. Deliver Materials to Site and Provide Technical Support

Lastly, you and your design consultant will arrange a date and time for your package to be delivered. All of the materials that you need will arrive on-site, with detailed instructions for your builder to get started. You can also choose to build the home yourself or act as a general contractor for your project.

Our team will frequently check in to answer any questions during the build process. You will also receive our detailed warranty information and ongoing advice throughout the rest of the building process. This is also when the final payments for your package are due and you can pay 7 days prior to your shipping date.

Get Your Project Started

Let us know if you have any questions about our process or the various aspects involved. Like we mentioned before, the process varies for everyone, but the best way to get started is simply to reach out and contact us.

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